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  • Commander
  • Radio Operator
  • Driver
  • Gunner
  • Gunner
  • Loader


  • 35 km/h top speed can be achieved fairly quick due to high horsepower albeit sluggish hull traverse
  • 90 mm gun is excellent with good penetration , decent handling, and a fairly fast RoF
  • Turret is decently armored and well rounded; can bounce many shots at its tier
  • Large pen. boost with APCR, but must be used sparingly due to high price
  • Great gun depression can be used to hide mediocre hull armor, also has relatively absurd gun elevation.


  • Other than the front, armor is still the same as in the T1 Heavy, and being a tier higher it becomes an even bigger liability
  • HE Shells and arty are this tanks worst enemy due to terrible side & rear armor; definite one shot for a KV-2
  • Terrible reverse speed makes backing out of danger difficult
  • All 3 76mm guns are near useless beyond tier VI
  • Severe accuracy loss when moving or turning the turret

Tank description:

The M6 is an American tier 6 heavy tank.Developed from 1940 through 1942, with a total of 40 vehicles manufactured from November 1942 through February 1944. It never saw action.Coming out of the T1 Heavy Tank, you should feel right at home with the M6, as they look and play very similarly. It starts off with 3 rather underpowered 76mm cannons that can make short work of medium and light tanks of its tier but are inadequate for penetrating and damaging other heavy tanks and tank destroyers. The 90mm gun, however, is an excellent gun and is much more suited for the the M6. The M6 has surprisingly good engine power and great speed for a heavy of its tier, which helps to make up for its lack of armor, even frontally, which isn''t adequate for bouncing most shots. Its side armor is even worse, and is easy to hit with the tank''s large size. This makes the M6 almost always limited to the second line, where it can pick off enemies and take cover behind larger tanks and terrain with its decent mobility. In all, the M6 is very similar to the T1 Heavy in both size and gameplay.The M6 leads to the T29.

A variant of the heavy tank developed in the U.S. from May 1940. The vehicle featured a cast hull and hydromechanical suspension with a two-disc hydraulic converter. The vehicle was standardized on May 26, 1942. A total of 9 vehicles were manufactured (8 serial and 1 experimental). Never saw action.